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MEP Consultancy


Value Engineering

Our value engineering services will help maximise your ROI, from inception to completion.


Let Us Unlock The Value Of Your Project

Value engineering is not simply a cost-cutting exercise but is a means of eliminating any aspect of a project that adds cost without value. The lost value of your project may involve materials, processes, suppliers, over-specification or the timing of project phases. 

Whatever the reasons, we’ll find them, review them, and change your losses into profits.

Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, SESC’s consultants are equipped to supplement your team’s expertise with additional insight to ensure your project’s success. Regardless of the stage of your project, SESC’s value engineering services can assist with conceptual budgets, preliminary estimates, quantity take-offs, ongoing site reviews, or contract pricing.

"We have a proven ability to deliver construction solutions"

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Our VE Process – Don’t Compromise On Your ROI

1. Preparation

​Employer objectives and brief are assimilated to reflect the direction and required end result.​

2. Information

​At this stage the required performance functions are identified. This step determines what functions or performance characteristics are important.

3. Analysis

Function & Performance versus cost and life cycle benefits are weighed leading to a list of VE candidates.

4. Creation

At this stage value engineering asks what the various alternative ways of meeting the requirements are.

5. Evaluation

At this stage the alternatives are assessed by evaluating how well they meet the required functions & how great will the cost savings be.

6. Presentation

In the final stage, the best alternative will be chosen and presented to the client for final decision.

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