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Big Data


Big Data Unlocked

SESC understands the importance of delivering the highest quality data centres within stringent security requirements, unalterable time constraints, while balancing environmental goals.

Data centres are critical to the expanding and ever-evolving needs of businesses and communities, and at SESC we have the skills to deliver next generation data centres. We bring technical insight and a world class teams to ensure your data centres have the flexibility to outperform for years to come.

We delivered under tight programs and in highly-sensitive and live environments. We know how important it is for data centres to operate and generate revenue and we can adapt our planning programs and resources to support this, and achieve your project goals.

Company Innovation And Skills Development Are The Core Of What We Offer

SESC is constantly evolving. The industries we work in and the people and teams within them are always developing – providing new channels of service, efficiency and value for our coinets. From project management services in the hospitality sector, to delivering the highest quality data centres, to providing specialist installations for pioneering projects, our services and skills are always expanding.

The Scale of Your Data Project Is No Obstacle

Whether you are a private company, wholesaler or a fast growing cloud based platform, we can provide you with a complete solution from design, cost consultancy and project management to construction delivery and commissioning.

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