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Civil & MEP Building Performance Evaluation Surveys

Our surveying teams will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed, cost effective, sustainable decisions.

Keeping You Ahead Of The Curve Is Our Speciality

SESC survey solutions provides developers, building owners/occupiers and contractors with a one-stop shop for a broad selection of surveys relating to the built environment, covering the entire lifecycle from concept, through completion to operation.

At SESC our survey operations aim to provide you with comprehensive solutions to reduce financial exposure and risk and inform you of opportunities:

  • We provide a single point of contact for all the appointed surveys and reports.

  • All surveys and reports are provided by our in-house team.

  • We will give you clear, practical advice, based on sound technical expertise and engineering principles.

  • We can supply a co-ordinated series of surveys and then provide an executive summary that consolidates the key issues and conclusions from the various reports into a single, readable document.

  • A single appointment for a comprehensive selection of surveys cuts down on your valuable time and resources.


Whether you are a developer looking at a planning application or undertaking an EIA, a building owner/occupier looking to get better value from your existing building assets, or a contractor working on a site with potential hidden issues, we can provide surveys and reports to provide information you need to take things forward.

"Pursuing a sustainable and future proof industry, developed today, for the generations of tomorrow"

Building Entrance
Train Station

Civil & MEP Services Validation

 Know the true status of your valuable assets.


As-Built Drawing Surveys

Removing the hidden blockers before they ever get to site.

Electricity Repair Work

Electrical Systems Inspections

Keeping you, your assets, and your end users safe.


Condition & TDD Surveys

Before you finalise your project and invest, let us make sure your decisions are based on engineering facts.

Red Staircase

Pre/Post-Commissioning Surveys

Before you start your Cx, or engage your FM team, know your projects commissionability status and decide if it’s the right time for contractor engagement.

Delivering spaces that encourage growth, wellness, and sustainability

SESC is a collaborative force of world-class engineers and thinkers working to transform our world into a better place to live, work, and play.

We have the distinctive ability to think like our clients, ensuring bespoke solutions that deliver the exceptional quality and results they expect for their projects.

Your Project, Decoded

At SESC, we get down to the very details of your projects. No matter what kind of systems you have/want - Civils, MEP, or Specialist - we’ll create the engineering reports you need. We don’t only focus on the design of your mechanical, engineering, or plumbing system. We also get into the details of performance analysis, schematics, and other specifics needed for documentation. By creating design/engineering reports that can fully analyse all the features and functions, we can show you exactly how your systems/assets/structures are/will perform.

Our feedback for your project is done through the creation of technical engineering reports that we show to our clientele. We create engineering reports for both new and existing machines or systems that you have. So even if we didn’t contribute to your initial design, we can still use our expertise to create the technical reports that you need. 

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