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Testing Services

SESC offer comprehensive testing services across a range of disciplines. Our dedicated teams of testing engineers are hand picked for their experience and ability to deliver projects to the highest standards. We concentrate on making sure your project is digitally recorded/tracked so you are always up to date with progress and can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Handing Your Project Across Right First Time

Commissioning is possibly the most important activity in the entire engineering construction process which enables your MEP Services to achieve the required environmental and performance conditions desired by both the designer and end user. It is also the only way to ensure that the moving parts of your project are safe and fit for purpose.

In most countries testing and commissioning is a legal requirement, mainly because of the critical nature of the results of the commissioning process.

Once the commissioning has been correctly carried out, on the day of handover the client is presented with a full, operational building with all test results documented and witnessed, full operating and maintenance instructions available and the client’s maintenance staff fully trained in efficient operation and maintenance of the building.

Commissioning Unraveled


"We make the most critical and complex elements of your project seem easy and run seamlessly"

Trained hvac technician holding a voltag


Testing & Balancing Services to keep you mechanical systems running.


Chilled Water

Keeping your hydraulic systems flowing.

Electrician checking a fuse box.jpg


Keep your electrical systems safe, compliant, and efficient



Finding the hotspots in your assets and improved sustainability and cost of running.

Electrical Inspectors


Keep your project connected.

Solar Energy


Ensure your assets sustainability.


Sound Level

Getting your acoustics just right.

Checking the Temperature

Pressure & Flow

Keep the water in your building flowing and your occupants happy.

Engineering Experts Bringing Projects To Life

The built environment is a major contributor to the environmental pressures our world is facing. The testing and subsequent remedial, adjusting, or replacement of existing buildings assets is crucial to support our path to meeting net-zero carbon targets. Together, we can transform and reuse existing buildings wherever possible, innovating and collaborating, to shape a better future for generations to come.

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