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Expertise across Land, Sea, and Air

SESC understand the need for our military and security infrastructure to stay ahead of the game, and as such our services for the defence industry are designed to be comprehensive, precise, secure, and transparent.

We bring fresh thinking and a new approach to the sector, building on our skills and expertise in delivering complex projects and our staff's experience in some of the most critical defence infrastructure across the globe. Our approach is to complement our clients’ skills and experience by offering services that drive for better value, continual improvement, and efficiencies in their capital spend through ameliorate service delivery.

Supporting Armed Forces Across The Globe

Our forward-looking approach to sustainability is helping the Defence industry to achieve its environmental targets, while retaining full operational ability. We ensure that environmentally friendly buildings are delivered on time and within budget, while environments and essential standards are protected and enhanced.

Our expertise in the defence sector includes design, installation, and commissioning for, aircraft hangars, living accommodation, fuel pipeline and storage installations, pilot training facilities, medical and dental facilities, offices and laboratories.

Wherever you need us, whether it’s commissioning on the front line or installation back home, we’ll be there.

Knowledge That Keeps You Perpetually On The Front Foot

SESC we act as, an objective advisor, contractor, and trusted delivery partner to clients across the security, aerospace, defence industries.

We have a team of experts with comprehensive experience of delivering major build and refurbishment projects to Armed Forces and the wider defence industry, including the The UK Armed Forces and the MoD. Our staff are dedicated to providing a services that will maintain and improve the defence and security of nations across the globe.

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