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Sound Level Testing

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Keep Your Acoustics And Your End Users In Perfect Harmony

As one of the leading noise and vibration test company, we can provide on-site acoustical testing services to suit your needs. We provide noise testing for machinery, mechanical products, vehicles, office environments, hotel rooms and more.

We perform noise and vibration testing for many different applications. Our personnel includes acoustical consultants who are highly experienced in the field of acoustic measurements. We provide noise and vibration testing services include:

  • Equipment noise and vibration testing to ANSI, ASTM and ISO standards

  • Municipal Code compliance testing

  • Workplace noise measurements and dosimetry testing and reporting to OSHA requirements

  • Noise Criterion (NC) testing of background noise in offices, conference rooms, hospitals, hotels and other uses

  • Movie and recording studio noise testing

  • Reverberation testing to evaluate room characteristics to determine suitability of room uses (eg. for courtrooms, offices, restaurants, halls, performance spaces)

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) and impact (FIIC) testing of residential and commercial properties


Examples of products we test include:

  • Mechanical Equipment and Accessories: Outdoor unitary air conditioning equipment, ducted and non-ducted indoor air conditioning equipment, grilles, registers and diffusers, air control and distribution devices, fans, blowers and other air moving devices, machines, mechanical and electrical equipment and sub-assemblies; and hand-held power tools

  • Building Materials and Assemblies: Partitions (i.e., office panels), walls, doors, windows and floor/ceiling assemblies, carpeting, wall coverings, acoustical panels and ceiling tiles, duct liner materials and prefabricated silencers (standard size 2’x2’, round, straight, or elbow), recessed lights

  • Household Appliances: Room air conditioners, room air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, clothes washers, dishwashers, blenders, mixers, can openers and other small and large appliances

SESC can assist with all facets of acoustical testing, helping you meet third-party acoustical and airflow performance requirements defined by specifiers, buyers, and regulatory authorities

Sound Waves

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