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Low carbon futures and an improved lifespan for existing buildings

The built environment is a major contributor to the environmental pressures our world is facing. The retrofit of existing buildings is crucial to support our path to meeting net-zero carbon targets. Together, we can transform and reuse existing buildings wherever possible, innovating and collaborating, to shape a better future for generations to come.

Along with environmental benefits, the commercial and social returns of transforming and reusing existing buildings are also clear. It often proves far more cost-effective for clients than demolishing and reconstructing, creating characterful places for occupiers whilst preserving heritage value for communities.

SESC’s experience spans the globe and thousands of reuse assets. We have worked on some of the  world most recognizable and award-winning buildings, often recognised for their remarkable sustainability achievements.

"Let us make sur your vision for the future draws benefits from the past"

Image by C Dustin

Don't Let Your Assets Have A Negative Effect On Our World

Our Reinvigoration services will breath new life into your buildings from four distinctive angles:

Adaptive reuse
Repurposing buildings is the sustainable way to meet new demands and purposes. The careful repair and adaption of buildings creates a greater possibility of your building becoming an iconic structure while consistently meeting environmental targets. 
We carefully consider each development phase to adapt existing structures whilst enhancing performance and functionality. This includes helping turn ageing offices into flexible workspaces, dilapidated trade districts into shopping centres and industrial units into homes, as well as extending the life of historic buildings and upgrading their performance.

Expansive reuse
Another approach is to upgrade and add new space to existing buildings in creative ways, to maximise their value. Creating new basements or adding storeys to an existing building can deliver transformative outcomes.

Proactive reuse
When buildings require repairs, upgrades can unlock new possibilities. We help clients to upgrade buildings systems, incorporate new technologies, as well as repair or replace areas that are in poor condition.

Your partner start to finish
We work with a wide range of clients from concept design stage, through to inspection, development, and renovations. Whatever the building or asset, we can successfully repair, refurbish, reconfigure, reinvigorate and restore value. And clients gain the benefit of working with our hand picked and project specific technical specialists – meaning we will respond to your project’s specific needs in a targeted, streamlined, and comprehensive manner.

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