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Retro-Commissioning is the application of the Commissioning Process to projects not previously commissioned. Many buildings delivered without undergoing the Commissioning Process have deficiencies in design or construction that do not allow the building to function properly or in an energy efficient manner. The goal of the Retro-Commissioning Process is to discover these deficiencies and propose or provide solutions to them. Often, solutions recommended through the Retro-Commissioning process can be implemented at low cost and with little or no disruption to the building’s operations.


A great deal of opportunity is available in the Retro-Commissioning market. Energy use is ever increasing and existing buildings are a large source of that energy use. The opportunity to reduce energy use in existing buildings is one that cannot be ignored. The Retro-Commissioning Process provides a standardized method to gain the greatest efficiency gains and solve existing comfort and operational issues.


The kinds of problems that retro-commissioning will identify and fix include:

  • Equipment or lighting that is on when it may not need to be

  • Systems that simultaneously heat and cool

  • Belts and valves that are not functioning properly

  • Thermostats and sensors that are out of calibration

  • Air balancing systems that are less than optimal

  • Economizers that are not working as designed

  • Controls sequences that are functioning incorrectly

  • Variable-frequency drives that operate at unnecessarily high speeds or that operate at a constant speed even though the load being served is variable

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The main benefit of retro-commissioning is energy efficiency. However, the procedure brings many other benefits:

  • Visual and Thermal Comfort: Occupant complaints are reduced after a retro-commissioning project, thanks to the improvement in lighting levels, temperature and humidity.

  • Equipment service life: When equipment operates optimally, its service life is extended. This allows building owners to delay capital expenditures that are due to equipment replacements.

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ): Poor HVAC operation can lead to the accumulation of air pollutants or excessive humidity. In turn, humidity stimulates the reproduction of mold and dust mites, both of which can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks.

  • Improved productivity: Retro-commissioning can help eliminate issues such as noise or lamp flicker, which may distract occupants and reduce productivity in office environments.

  • Improved safety: This applies to lighting improvements in particular, where improved visibility and uniform lighting reduce the chance of an accident.

  • Maintenance savings: Equipment issues are addressed and solved permanently during retro-commissioning, which results in long term maintenance savings.

Even if major upgrades are planned for a building, retro-commissioning or recommissioning is recommended as a first step. It helps identify the most promising opportunities for building upgrades, and also provides energy savings that can be used to help cover the cost of future projects. In addition, after optimizing performance of building systems, it may be possible to reduce the capacity of new HVAC equipment. For instance, a significant improvement in the building envelope reduces both heating and cooling loads.

If your striving for energy efficiency, and to bring your building into the modern era, retro-commissioning is exactly what your looking for. Let us bring your assets inline with your ambition

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