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MEP Consultancy Services

Project Recovery Services

Let us bring your project back on track. There's no need to watch the ship go down, with SESC's project recovery services we'll make sure your project is reenergized and your teams are realigned with your OPR's.

Breathing New Life Into Floundering Projects

Project Recovery Services are one of the most significant and distinctive offerings in SESCs’ portfolio. Project Recovery Services are organized, systematic processes of analyzing a project in trouble and determining the best possible ways to turn it around, helping to reduce — if not minimize — the financial exposure of the Property Owner.


Our teams of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary management and engineers have the expertise and experience to assess all aspects of your engineering services and contractors to come up with highly effective solutions for project regeneration. 


We will work with all stakeholders across all disciplines, from procurement to QA/QC to ascertain the route cause of the project slippage and we will design, develop, and implement protocols to bring the project back on track.

"We deliver critical solutions for a more connected, sustainable world."

A Team Differentiated By Results

With Project Recovery Services, the Project Team can positively impact a troubled project by:

  • Reviewing the scope and status of the project to determine unique and subtle issues which need immediate attention.

  • Reviewing the project’s schedule conformity and recommending alternatives to improve and/or recover any deficiencies.

  • Providing a cost-to-complete analysis to determine risk and recommend methods of mitigation.

  • Assisting the Owner with the replacement of vendor services that occurred through default or failure.

  • Providing periodic review of both project and financial performance with respect to overall completion exposure.

  • Providing teams of engineers to takeover from/compliment existing teams to closeout out works on site and/or provide management for site/office.

Technicians at Work
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