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MEP Consultancy

Specialist Services

Programme Design & Management


Tracking Your Project To Safeguard Success

Our experts will support your development with detailed programme development throughout the design and conceptual stages of the project.

Our team will design, develop, monitor, and adjust custom programmes designed specifically for your project.

We can revisit the programme consistently once it has been put into effect, to evaluate if the targets are being met and if the strategy of the programme is working effectively. Once we have collated the relevant data we report on whether targets have been achieved and if not what are the recovery strategies required.

Overview of service:

  • Get the information you need instantly

  • Have more consistent processes and site reporting

  • Manage with reliable project data

  • Save time by not manually preparing ad-hoc reports

  • Avoid being blindsided by unforeseen issues

  • Have a single point of contact

"Nothing is left to chance, our services are designed for success"

Image by Scott Blake

Improve Performance, Reporting, And Progress With Our Pragramme Services

A fully aligned system addresses all programme challenges including the determination of the correct key performance indicators, programme reviews, change control, cost management, earned value management, integrated schedule management, dependency management all in one single integrated console.

We understand that improved programme performance isn’t just about better project selection, better project delivery, reducing operating cost or cost effectively extending asset life – it covers so much more. By taking a full programme view, we work with our clients to understand where improvement opportunities lie and how these can be realised. We then create and deliver tangible action plans.

Our programme management services include:

  • Programme strategy

  • Programme/project controls

  • Project and portfolio management

  • Design management and assurance

  • Employers agent and contract administration

  • Planning and programming

  • Project management construction

  • Technical site supervision

  • Operational readiness

  • Logistics management

  • Forensic programme analysis

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