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Project Management Solutions

Procurement Administration

We ensure that materials are procured at the right time, in perfect condition and at reasonable rates. Our experts also manage negotiations and contract procedures with contractors to minimise all risks involved in the construction phase.

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Keeping the Building Blocks Of Your Project Flowing

An incorrect decision can have a detrimental effect on the duration of your works, the final cost and the overall quality of your construction project.


As experienced MEP project managers and site inspectors, our procurement teams will enable you to make informed decisions on any construction project, highlighting key project drivers and recommending the most suitable procurement route to suit the client’s requirements.


We have experience in most industry standard procurement methods, including Design and Build, Traditional and Construction Management routes. Our experienced team of procurement engineers can assist in the decision-making process by providing initial advice on the various procurement options, prepare procurement reports for a given construction project or run workshops with a project team.


In addition to assisting with the choice of procurement route, we can advise on the most appropriate form of contract contract documentation and provide dispute resolution assistance. Our knowledge of our industry and the most upto date and technologically advanced systems means our service is right for anyone looking to safeguard their project for the today and prepare it for the future.


Our services are available at all stages of the procurement life cycle and we offer:

  • Existing service review and value for money audit

  • Improvement programmes

  • Peer Group review and benchmarking

  • Advice on system/equipment compliance

  • Client mentoring and preparatory workshops

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Risk Management

  • Technical specifications and authoring

  • Contract selection advice

  • Procurement and project management

  • Establishment, administration and audit of key performance management systems

  • Financial reconciliations

  • Mediation and dispute resolution

  • Implementation and ongoing management of incentivisation schemes

Building Entrance

"From us you’ll get only world class service"

Materials inspection, quality assurance and management of globally sourced construction products

SESC specialise in providing comprehensive sourcing and procurement support services to prime contractors and owners across various industries, including infrastructure, energy, defense, and Hospitality.


 Our team provides supplier prescreening, estimating, factory improvements, third-party inspections, project management and logistics support to assure equipment, materials and fabricated or manufactured components are consistently obtained at an appropriate level of quality within the required delivery schedule.


 A specialized group of SESC international quality engineers and inspectors concentrate on providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to our client’s global sourcing and procurement needs. Key to SESC’s success is the direct integration of technical specialistsinto the onsite and back office teams of our clients. Together, our teams provide comprehensive project support, from the point of sourcing to the project site installation.

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