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Plumbing & Public Health

Our plumbing and public health installation teams will  get your hydraulic systems flowing. Our clients trust us to ensure their water systems are installed correctly and are fully compliant with all specifications. From hotel chilled water to military base pump sets, our expertise will get the job done.

Fixing a Pipe

We'll get your water systems flowing.

SESC provided plumbing engineering services across the world with a main focus on the GCC. Our plumbing services have been implemented across major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, education, healthcare, government and non-profit projects and environmentally certified assets.

SESC teams of qualified plumbing engineers are experienced in providing a range of plumbing engineering services for multiple types of engineering design and installation projects to match a variety of service needs based on the specific sector our client need certainty of delivery. We works closely with the mechanical and electrical engineering teams as well as our other engineering service teams to ensure our services are fully integrated across the project and are intrinsically rooted in your main project team.

Our plumbing engineering services are often required to help achieve international, national or local safety compliance, information management, environmental management or quality certification (such as ISO19650, 1SO14001, 1SO9001, US Green Building Council LEED certification etc). They are also often needed as part of MEP or construction services cost bidding, upholding quality MEP or construction workmanship, and/or enabling a smooth MEP or construction process.


Our experienced and qualified team of plumbing engineering, technicians and managers can utilize the latest technology and processes, to assist your design, manage and deliver 2D/3D drawings,install your equipment, commission those systems and more. For your plumbing engineering requirements, our services can be used at any point during the project lifecycle, from inception through to completion, commissioning and beyond.

The 4 steps of the SESC plumbing engineering service are:

  1. Project planning (consultation and quotation)

  2. Plumbing engineering (including CAD drafting, CAD conversion, CAD to BIM conversion, and as required)

  3. Project reviews (design change management / quality control)

  4. Project delivery (multiple formats available)

Man Holding Pipe

"From the sands of the desert to the snows of Siberia, we tackle projects no matter the location."

World Class Service With Tier 1 Delivery

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