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A challenging project in a stunning location

One & Only Hotel

At a Glance



Contract Type

Commissioning Agent


Seven Holdings

Area (SqFt)

1,478,651 sq ft

Project Value

$ 100,000,000



A tricky project with an outstanding result

One & Only Seef Resort was the first project of the leading international resort brand in the Kingdom of Bahrain, it is planned to feature extra-luxurious amenities that will help it stand out among the furious competition it will be facing from the other resort brands in the region. These amenities include its private lagoon which spans area equivalent to that of three soccer fields combined, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s first branch of Hakkasan, the upscale modern UK-based Chinese restaurant as well as a Givenchy Spa. The resort will also include 10 mansions for families which comprise eight bedrooms each and a private pool. On the other hand, the hotel will include 175 rooms and suites, in addition to 72 acres of property. There is also indoor and outdoor meeting spaces able to accommodate more than 400 people. SESC were engaged as the commissioning agent for the project representing the client and end user throughout. Although familiar with the O&O brand standards this project was particularly tricky as the operator of the resort changed part way through construction. To O&O brand stepped aside for Jumeirah and as a result standards, design, data requirements etc were all reassessed, revised, and recommissioned, all with as little effect as possible on the completion programme.

Project in Numbers




Acre property



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