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Building Performance Evaluation Surveys

MEP Services Validation

Our MEP validation surveys will make sure your project is built on a foundation facts and accurate data, and not unqualified guess work.

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 Keeping You Ahead Of The Curve Is Our Speciality

Intrusive Validation surveys help to identify underlying issues that would not be seen from a visual survey. Our expert Validation team can undertake surveys to record performance, condition, and capacity of plant, equipment and systems; informing design, helping manage risk and prioritise repair works.


Clients come to us for comprehensive and detailed intrusive validation surveys that can help indicate the potential life expectancy of plant and systems. Our M&E surveys would normally include the isolation of mechanical plant and electrical circuits for detailed inspections/tests.


Surveys can include pipework condition either by endoscopic inspection or even offsite examination by a metallurgist, boiler condition and operation, chiller condition and operation, temperature and humidity monitoring, water quality testing, Electrical Test and Inspection, Low Voltage Panel inspections, busbar testing, fire alarm including cause and effect testing, lighting level (including emergency) testing, electrical load monitoring and thermal imaging.

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Accurate Data, Leading To Quantifiable Results

Our reports are designed to give you the exact data you need to plan your investment, and accurately determine your ROI. Whether it's traffic light conditional results or a remaining lifespan summary each report is tailored to provide specific data and maximum value.

Following any intrusive survey, we provide independent reports to cover the findings. These reports normally cover the following items:

  • Detailed description of the plant and systems installed within the building

  • Executive summary covering any evidence of key issues and defects

  • Limitations and obstructions that affect the scope of the inspection

  • Photographs of defects with problems specifically highlighted

  • clear summary that provides the ability to prioritise remedial actions

  • Recommendations for further inspections where applicable

  • A full list of accessible and inaccessible areas

  • Appendices include test results and marked up drawings


The benefits of Intrusive M&E Surveys:

  • To evaluate mechanical and electrical plant and systems and advise on the condition and suitability for ongoing use and life expectancy.

  • To identify any significant defects that would adversely affect the performance of the building services

  • To help prioritise and recommend maintenance actions and identification of critical spares.

  • Recommend intrusive inspections outside the scope of the condition survey.

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