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Water sprinkler and fire fighting system



Fire Fighting & Life Safety

When the installation of your fire fighting systems is as crucial as it gets, don't trust the installation to anyone else. Our installation teams understand the systems they are installing from not only a contractors point of view but also as a specialist commissioning agency. This means we understand your systems at a far deeper level than just their installation.


Keeping Your People And Your Structures Connected Is What We Do

SESC have worked very closely with our construction industry partners to ensure Audio Visual (AV), ICT and technology are integrated into buildings from the very start.

We bring considerable experience to the table gained in education, government, broadcast and arts projects as well as commercial buildings. It is this breadth of knowledge, experience and skillset that differentiates our offering.           


We assist our clients in clearly defining their needs, expectations and priorities when it comes to their Requirements. AV installations require considerable behind-the-scenes technical support systems and interactions with building services, interior design and architecture. Our teams effortlessly combine with your other project teams to make sure our installation integrates seamlessly with the rest of your AV/ICT systems.

Interior of Restaurant

"We're extremely proud of Zero Accidents initiative, and especially that it's working - We have Zero Accidents across the board since incorporation"

From Home Sprinklers To Office Block Suppression Systems 

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