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Environmental Testing (Continuous Commissioning)

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Let Our Commissioning Experts Improve The Performance Of Your Equipment And The Comfort Of Your Occupants

Once all elements of the building services commissioning are completed, the next stage is to prove the function of the design in real time & as a unified network. SESC offer environmental performance testing for space temperature, humidity & noise measurements to assure that the commissioned plant achieves the design intentions for the environment. The objective is to assure that the commissioning data equals not only a sustainable & energy efficient development but also a controlled environment.

The initial commissioning is vitally important if the installed systems are to operate in accordance with the specification.  However, changing occupancy needs, space utilisation, refurbishment, and routine decommissioning by maintenance staff will always have a detrimental effect on the operating efficiency and ultimately, the comfort of the occupants. 

When SESC look at a building which is suspected of not performing adequately, we investigate thoroughly to get to the bottom of the problem. There are frequently uncomplex factors which can mean that energy is being wasted, or an environment is uncomfortable. Sometimes however this is not the case, and investigations into what is causing the building to underperform are required. 

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