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MEP Consultancy


Design Review

Our design review process is crucial to getting your project off to the right start, and keeping it on track.

Our MEP Design experts will work with you from conception through to handover to make sure your design is fit for purpose, complies to your specification, has considered your OPR, and will be handed over first time.

Public Building Staircase

A Fresh Perspective

Whether you’re a contractor in the North of England or a developer in Dubai, a public or private sector organisation; we’ve got the specialist expertise you need.

With consultancy expertise from LEED through to CIBSE and low carbon consultants we’re committed to reducing unforeseen changes, time taken to generate accurate cost estimates, and overall project time. We’ll also generate you savings by ensuring clashes are identified and resolved before sitework begins.

We’ll taking the time to go into detail in the early stages of your project, being realistic about pricing and considering the other parties involved, at every step. This is how we make sure your project starts correctly and stays on program throughout.

We work collaboratively with the AOR, consultants and construction teams to make sure the design and commissioning are aligned with the OPR and are fit for purpose.

  • HV cable and electrical service entry

  • Water supply and pipe connections

  • Drainage and storm manhole connections

  • Chilled water-cooling connections

  • Fire alarm and emergency evacuation services

  • Fire-fighting services

  • Equipment selection calculations

  • Building head load calculations

  • Equipment installation and maintenance requirements (supplier recommendations)

  • Electrical service containment, breaker selection and cabling size.

"Our teams help deliver some of the most iconic, complex structures in the world"

Technicians at Work

Rigorous And Detailed Processes To Lead Your Project To Success

Design Brief

Upon contacting us for your design needs, we will discuss with you the specifics of the project. In this stage, we encourage you to provide us with your full design brief with all the details ready. We’ll also inquire about your current budget, your type of building, and other important requirements.


Site Inspection

After we are able to gather all the necessary information regarding your design, we will then conduct a site inspection. This is to ensure that we can get the exact measurements of your building and location of your systems. Doing so will allow us to accurately scale the design in accordance with your building’s dimensions. We will send our inspection team to do this. They’ll also ask some important questions with regard to your construction project.


Review and Analysis

The design review process will commence once we’re able to gather all of the necessary information regarding your design, i.e. design brief, drawings, schematics, site inspection, designer/architect collaboration etc. During the review stage we will forensically analyse your project data, drawings, schematics, and schedules for their compliance, accuracy, feasibility, and commissionability.


Initial Reporting and Rectification

After that, we will provide fully commented and revised design recommendations, reports, and drawings to be integrated into the project design and used as a basis for the production of the commissioning plan. The result of the review and subsequent action is the promise of final commissioning and handover success.

Once our team comes up with an initial report, we will try to tackle any errors and perform any adjustments and revisions where possible.


Final Review and Report

If you are satisfied with the revisions and adjustments, we will then send you the final design report. The report you receive will be deemed final with all the necessary revisions performed only once you are happy and have signed of the final copy.

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