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Commissioning Services

Commissioning Management

(Third Party Commissioning Verification & Witnessing)

SESC's expert commissioning management teams will ensure all commissioning activities are performed correctly, safely, on schedule, are signed off, and are municipality approved.


Systems Approved By All Stakeholders First Time, Hassle Free 

It is the role of the Commissioning Management Company to act in the best interest of our client, independent of the design, procurement and installation team’s, ensuring all building services are delivered to the required specification. 

SESC provide independent Commissioning Managers, Engineers and Technicians who integrate into project teams to deliver safe, secure, and functioning building services and systems.  


Commissioning Management Services:

  • Review design drawings and specifications for commissioning requirements and advise.

  • Review and supervise the installation with respect to compliance with specifications for commissioning.  

  • Assist in the production of the cause & effects matrix and witness the testing of all the life safety systems.

  • Prepare and issue project specific pro-forma sheets, including interface and performance test, plus Develop commissioning data base to monitor all progress. Update and issue at regular intervals.

  • Develop flushing, chemical cleaning and commissioning method statements for both process and utility systems.

  • Assist in developing the overall program, witness and validate factory / site acceptance tests.

  • Give guidance as necessary at the time of start-up of plant equipment / machinery.

  • Prepare testing and commissioning reports incorporating all plant and system test results.

  • Monitor and advise on the preparation of the O & M’s.

  • Monitor and witness progressive installation and pre-commissioning ensuring accurate recording of all results, in accordance with method statements.

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In Depth Knowledge And Specialist Skills

SESC offer a full suite of Commissioning Verification Services and Witnessing to all our clients including, contractors, designers, project managers and building end users.

You can use our witnessing and verification services to ensure all the projects assets are fit for purpose, functioning correctly, are installable/testable as expected.

We provide a comprehensive overview of any project from an MEP/Engineering perspective, ensuring all parties understand and are aware of the status of the project and what is required to get your project statically complete, functional, commissionable, municipality approved, and handed over.


Services Include:

  • Commissionability studies

  • Witnessing of Static testing

  • Witnessing of Dynamic testing

  • Witnessing of systems commissioning

  • Witnessing of plant commissioning and load testing

  • Review of commissioning programmes

  • Review of commissioning method statements

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Review of commissioning and test results

  • Test report collation

  • Pre-Commissioning Snag reporting

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