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Building Performance Evaluation Surveys

Condition & TDD Surveys

From an owners perspective our condition surveys allow you to make informed financial decisions. From and end users point of view, they show you care.


Reinvest In Your Assets For A More Sustainable Future

Each project is a major financial undertaking, regardless of its scale or complexity. As an asset owner or manager, you will have invested a great deal of time and money in realizing a vision. A Building Conditions Survey will help you uncover things which could be of a major cost impact further down the line. Perhaps you are upgrading the development, or have a buyer or tenant interested in taking it over. By analyzing the remaining lifespan or your building and all its systems, from a technical and environmental stand point, we can highlight ways to improve and optimize systems to ensure your project is operating to the best possible standards.


The information a condition assessment of your assets will produce has a significant impact on factors such as plotting current/future energy consumption, highlighting actual indoor air quality, or providing exact details of system performance against your BMS readings.

"Helping to lead the way to a more connected, resilient and sustainable world."


Understanding Your Assets Condition Benefits Your Bottom Line And Your End Users Experience

At SESC, we have a dedicated independent team of surveyors covering MEP and Civils disciplines who can carry out a detailed inspection of a building. They utilize our state of the art software and testing equipment to analyze the current condition of the building/area, identifying any causes of deterioration/areas of concern. They will highlight areas that not only need immediate attention, but potential hotspots that may cause you problems in the future.

Our team will deliver  highly accurate, extensive reports, with cost estimates of any work that may be required. From underperforming MEP systems, deterioration due to humidity or mold, environmental issues or energy saving measures, we will leave you with a detailed overview of how your project can be enhanced and transformed for the future. For you Civil building features and materials we will make sure you receive the information and data you require to ensure you space/structure is safe, environmentally sound, and ready to move into the future.

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