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Electrical Testing


Keeping Your Electrical Systems In Perfect Working Order

All electrical wiring deteriorates with time, it is therefore absolutely essential to periodically test all electrical wiring to ensure it’s continued integrity and continued compliance along with the fixed appliances it supplies such as sockets, light fittings, main incoming LV supplies and mechanical plant such as air handling units and fan coil units. These works are delivered by qualified Engineers who all operate in accordance with local and international codes of practice and safety standards.


We complete rigorous building services testing and measurements, giving our clients detailed knowledge about the performance of their MEP systems and providing evidence of system deficiencies and recommendations for best practice rectification and installation for completion.


In accordance with BS7671 - and as a general globally recognised practice - most standard workplace environments need an Electrical Installation Condition Report to be produced every 5 years with regular routine inspections conducted at least annually. Our team of qualified specialist electrical engineers help our clients by undertaking testing procedures to ensure that an electrical installation working correctly and is safe for use.

Our electrical testing services are designed to give you all the information you need to make safe, informed, and cost effective decisions for the future of your project/building.

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