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Crane Construction


MEP Consultancy Services


Throughout the building lifecycle our MEP Design Consultants and Commissioning Specialists deliver the support you need, every step of the way.

Our MEP design teams work as part of your team to review, advise, implement, inspect, and manage your building services design from conception to completion.

A Track Record of Precision, Delivery, And Integrity

Providing proven design resources our design process is key to your project. Implemented from the point of view of commissioning our design consultancy services provide a holistic view of your project. With a focal point on the final usability of your project our engineering design and commissioning specialists are able to cast a critical and value driven eye over any design.


What makes our process different is our ability to view a project from the inside out. From concept to detailed design our in-depth understanding of how buildings and infrastructure delivery enables us to guide appropriate decision making at the earliest stage.

Glass Buildings

"Designing the future takes time, let us help you get it right"


Design Review

Setting your project up right first time, and making sure it stays that way.


MEP Design Consulting

Rely on us to make sure the beating heart of your project doesn't let you down.

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The Built Environment

 Water, Energy, Food Security



If your facing delays or systems aren't getting handed over, let us find our why, and restart your project.

Technicians at Work

Engineering Surveys and Advisory

Advise and Reporting that will deliver value now and resonate into the future

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Value Engineering

We'll make sure you can realise your vision within your budget but without compromise.

Delivering Iconic Projects and Transforming Lives

We're a leading global engineering company and we have been bringing large-scale, complex structures to life for most of the 21st century. Our approach is client-focused, precise, individual, and highly responsive.

No Matter Your Challenges, We Have the Solutions

Thinking beyond conventional disciplinary boundaries, our teams help to derive realistic and future-proof solutions for all our clients.

Our design techniques enhance sustainability by minimising resource and energy use. Our teams know how to advise on the right assets for your project and environmental goals.

With world-class expertise we help to develop buildings that are more useful and attractive to the people who own, inhabit, and operate them.

Throughout your building’s development lifecycle, our design, commissioning, and operations consultants make sure that your buildings continues to developed at its best. 

And for your under-performing assets, our building retrofit specialists bring more commercially and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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