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Building Performance Evaluation Surveys

Pre/Post-Commissioning Surveys

Understanding the commissionability of your project is key to its adherence to programme and ensuring handover goes smoothly. In turn post commissioning surveys ensure your assets are performing as the should and maintain the ROI you're expecting

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Ensure Your Project Runs The Way You Intend

As a part of the total project, pre-commissioning surveys are essential towards a complete understanding of any project and these inputs are used for the pinpoint design of your MEP systems. Pre commission surveys include System Layout analysis, Engineering Feasibility Study, On Site Asset Surveys, As-Built Analysis, and Sustainability (LEED, ESTIDAMA etc) analysis.

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Keeping Your Assets In Check To Save You From Unnecessary Capital Expenditure. 

After installation and commissioning, we conduct post-commissioning surveys which are essential to ascertain the integrity of all project systems for the duration of the design life. Also, these studies help our client to take remedial measures in case any flaw is detected. The post commissioning study is largely the same as pre commissioning, the key difference is the intention of the survey which becomes focused on the functionality against expected degradation and the remedial action required in the post Cx survey, whereas the pre Cx survey is focused on initial performance against design and the requirements to achieve these targets.

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