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Commissioning Services


Keep Your Occupants Happy And The Functionality Of Your Assets At 100%.


 The Best Investment You Never Knew You Needed

Re-Commissioning is the application of the Commissioning Process applied to projects that have previously been commissioned. During building operations, systems may become out of balance or may be adjusted. As a result, the building may not operate in an efficient manner. Additionally, the needs of a facility may change as tenants, owners, and technologies change.


The Re-Commissioning Process brings a high quality delivered project to the standards set by either the original or revised Owner’s Project Requirements. A Re-Commissioning Process can typically be applied relatively inexpensively since documentation is available from the original commissioning of the building.

4 key steps to a sustainable future for your building -"Reassess, Redesign, Redevelop, Reimagine"

Eco Friendly Buildings

Maintain Your Facility To Drive Wellness And Productivity

The Re-Commissioning process verifies that your energy-related systems are running smoothly and determines how to fix them if they’re not. You may already notice some issues that need to be addressed. If so, don’t wait for a crisis before solving these issues. We will find out what is causing the issues you are experiencing and get you on the road to solutions and cost savings. Re-Commissioning will ultimately lead to the happiness and comfort of those inside your building as well as extend the life of your systems and equipment, lower your utility costs, and lead to enhanced environmental and health conditions.


Signs Of Degraded Building Performance:

  • Feeling cold drafts

  • Seeing frost on the walls

  • Equipment operating more than needed

  • Equipment has dampers propped open or held shut

  • Complaints from occupants regarding areas of the building are too hot and others are too cold

  • Building occupants seem overly tired and sluggish or unproductive in the middle of the day

  • Air in the building is smelly and stale

  • Lights in some areas seem too bright or too dim causing eye strain or headaches for some

  • Unusually high utility costs


How We’ll Approach Your Project:

  • Define project requirements and review basis of design

  • Review contract and plans

  • Review systems submittals to ensure compliance with project requirements and basis of design

  • Review change orders to ensure the projects requirements and design

  • Perform prefunctional testing as required to ensure systems and equipment are installed as designed

  • Document deficiencies and present to construction manager and project owner

  • Once the deficiency is corrected, the commissioning authority will perform another prefunctional test

  • Once equipment and systems pass the prefunctional testing, functional testing will be performed

  • Functional testing will be performed on all equipment and systems defined in the scope of work. The temperature controls contractor maybe required to assist with the functional testing as needed by the commissioning authority

  • All equipment and systems will be documented as “Pass” or “Fail”

  • Any item that fails will be forwarded to the construction manager and the project owner

  • Once the responsible contractor corrects the issues, the commissioning authority will perform another functional test

  • The responsible contractor is responsible for the costs to correct any issues that are found

  • Verify all sequences of operation and DDC points list

  • Provide a final commissioning report for the project

  • Ensure the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals are complete

  •  Verify training of Operations and Maintenance staff and building occupants

  • Conduct a warranty meeting with in 10 months of substantial completion

If the performance of your building is not at the levels you expect or a municipality demands we can help you get your systems back into shape.

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