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Sustainability & Carbon

Environmental Commissioning

We help our clients achieve their sustainability targets throughout the built environment with our expertise in commissioning and consultancy. We make sure your building is set up for and continues to function at optimal level with your sustainability targets as the driver.

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Designed And Developed With The World In Mind

We pride ourselves on our environmental commissioning consultancy services that focus solely on ensuring your environmental project requirements are being factored into your deign, are being correctly installed during construction in order to meet environmental specification, and are being maintained correctly through to handover and final consulting on the operation of a your systems for the most energy efficient results.

With our environmental commissioning services clients receive every they need to ensure their facility/project meets the highest standards of sustainability. We will take your project from design concept through to post occupancy with constant oversight of the works performed by all subcontractors, to verify, document, manage, and report on all the works on site that could effect the sustainability of your assets, negatively impact your energy consumption targets, or reduce your expected ROI.

"We're focused on delivering your unique value drivers"


Energize your assets and optimize your returns

Especially for high energy consumption facilities such as Laboratory and healthcare rank as some of the highest energy consumers when compared to other industries. Laboratory, biotech, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are intensive energy users largely due to their demanding ventilation requirements. Healthcare facilities operate 24/7 and also have unique ventilation requirements to address infection control needs.

SESC offers a turn-key service designed to maximize system performance and energy efficiency of high energy-use facilities such as hospitals and research facilities with laboratories. It combines SESC’s engineering and safety expertise in these critical environments with project and management oversight to provide a clear path to sustainable energy savings.

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