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Commissioning Services

Data Centre Commissioning

We understand the criticality of big data projects being delivered on time and the need for a focus on security. Let our teams get your digital assets up and running and the data flowing.

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Bringing Big Data To Life

Our highly qualified, independent data centre testing and commissioning teams provide an extensive range of expertise tailored towards modern data centre environments.

Our commissioning starts with the accurate planning of a commissioning programme. Our testing teams intuitively understand the interactions of data centre systems and the dependencies which exist between the intricate systems involved. We recognise that considering all elements of the project that could impact the overall Testing and Commissioning programme must be considered as the time constraints on a big data project are absolutely critical for system uptime and continuity of revenue.

SESC can fully undertake data centre commissioning on your behalf and we are also able to witness systems and sign them off as completed. Within an existing facility, our team will further assess and plan the commissioning in order to minimise risk and ensure continuity to live services.

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Critical Infrastructure Is In Experienced Hands

Comprehensive commissioning planning and management begins as early as the facility’s conceptual design phase to minimise dependencies and mitigate risk and will often continue throughout the delivery of the project.


Our approach ensures that the various elements of the infrastructure all work together effectively and efficiently, resulting in a coordinated systems rather than distinct standalone components.


Following on from the systems commissioning stage, our independent Testing and Commissioning teams can provide extensive and industry-leading Systems Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Integrated Systems Testing (IST) including a clear and detailed sequence and programme.


The SATs first verify that the equipment has been installed correctly; as designed and in-line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. They then test performance and capacity within both the design load and, if applicable, any acceptable overload condition.


The IST then tests the data centre as a full and complete system and is the ideal opportunity to ensure that everything is operating correctly before being handed over to the client. The IST will push the data centre to its design limits in terms of capacity, maintainability, and fault tolerance. If the facility is designed to tolerate a generator failing to start we will simulate this, likewise, if the chillers are designed to be maintained live, we will demonstrate it. Ultimately, the IST is the foundation for future confidence, ensuring the facility will operate as intended even when pushed to the limit.


Our team of Commissioning Engineers will plan, undertake, and record testing independently from the Project Delivery teams. Alternatively, the Sudlows engineers can act as your representative or independent witness where testing is being coordinated and demonstrated by others.


Our Services:

  • Systems Acceptance Testing (SAT)

  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

  • Switching and Simulation

  • Monitor, Record and Report

  • Test Script Development

  • Programme Sequencing

  • Dependency Management

  • Witnessing & Supervision

  • Comprehensive Reporting

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