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Digital Network Cables




In today’s digital world, incorporating a range of audio visual, ICT and technology elements into spaces is key to facilitating communication, increasing collaboration and improving productivity. Let us make your spaces and your people more connected.

Installing Electric Cables

Keeping Your People And Your Structures Connected Is What We Do

SESC have worked very closely with our construction industry partners to ensure Audio Visual (AV), ICT and technology are integrated into buildings from the very start.

We bring considerable experience to the table gained in education, government, broadcast and arts projects as well as commercial buildings. It is this breadth of knowledge, experience and skillset that differentiates our offering.           


We assist our clients in clearly defining their needs, expectations and priorities when it comes to their Requirements. AV installations require considerable behind-the-scenes technical support systems and interactions with building services, interior design and architecture. Our teams effortlessly combine with your other project teams to make sure our installation integrates seamlessly with the rest of your AV/ICT systems.

Flamenco City Hall Theatre

"Local presence with global reach"

From Corporate Buildings To National Theatre, Our AV|ICT Experts Have The Expertise You Need

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